Some more logs and the witnessing the end of Canadas oldest broadcasting station.


Here are a few more logs.


Time: 2303 UTC

Frequency: 860 KHz

Call: CJBC

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Signal: Very Good

Power D/N:50 Kw

AMP: 384 Mi

Heard: FF OM with TOH ID and news

ULR Log: # 59


Time:2306-2330 UTC

 Frequency: 930 KHz

Call: WHON

Location:Centerville, IN

Signal:Fair Washed in and out.

Power D/N: 500w / 114 w

AMP: 44 Mi

Heard:The Jason Lewis Show and Indiana High School athletics update

ULR Log: # 60


Time:2359 UTC

Frequency:940 KHz

Call: CINW

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Signal: POOR , was fighting WMAC and an UNID'd third station.

Power D/N:50 Kw

AMP: 681Mi

Heard:OM in EE making announcement that the station was shutting down a 7 PM local time, transmission was cut in mid sentence. 

ULR Log: #  61


Time: 0320-0340 UTC

Frequency: 1150 KHz

Call: WMST

Location: Mount Sterling, Ky

Signal:Good, but mix with WLOC audio

Power D/N: 2500 Kw / 53w

AMP: 104 Mi

Heard: WMST ID, but mixed with WLOC C&W music.

ULR Log: # 62

Date: 01/30/10

Time: 0320-0340 UTC

Frequency: 1150 KHz

Call: WLOC

Location: Munfordville, Ky

Signal: Good but mixed with WMST audio.

Power D/N: 1000w / 61w

AMP: 181 Mi

Heard: Varouis classic western songs, commecial

ULR Log: # 63

Date: 01/30/10

Time: 0620 UTC

Frequency: 1540 KHz

Call: KXEL

Location: Waterloo, IA

Signal: Good when nulling UNID station interference

Power D/N: 50 KHz

AMP: 472 Mi

Heard: 2X OM on Talk Show dicussing politics and a announcement for the Midnight Radio Network

ULR Log: # 63

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