RadioLabs No Longer Selling Filters and Parts

Guy Atkins

A reply I received from RadioLabs this morning seemed to indicate they not
only couldn't they supply the specific filter I
was asking about, they won't be selling any parts to hobbyists. I contacted
them again for clarification and received this

"Dear Guy: Yes- feel free to tell them (radio clubs & hobby forums -g.a.)
that we no longer supply ceramic filters, or
even individual parts. What's on the site is really what we have. Thanks
for doing that for us. Best regards, Jess P.,
RadioLabs International Inc."

There goes another source for filters down the drain!

Two vendors to contact, though, are and I have bought 450 and
455 kHz filters from both companies recently, but you need to do your
research on the Web to find out exact filter
specs before buying. In the case of ICOM, some of their receivers and
transceivers have useful filters in their SSB, S-AM,
and AM circuitry and the ICOM headquarters stocks replacements that can be
used successfully to improve Ultralight

Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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