Re: DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     Most replacement IF filters do indeed have some "insertion loss," or a reduction in the incoming signal strength when it passes through the filter.  The amount of insertion loss depends on the actual filter design.
     If an IF filter is installed in an Ultralight radio without an antenna improvement, the sensitivity might indeed be degraded.  On the other hand, installing a monster loopstick without installing an improved IF filter might degrade the selectivity. 
     The most important lesson that Ultralight experimenters have learned so far this year (at least this Ultralight experimenter) is that to really transform a pocket radio into a phenomenal DX performer, you need BOTH an upgraded IF filter AND a more effective loopstick.  With the E100 design, Guy Atkins, John Bryant and I got extremely lucky by accomplishing a "home run" in both selectivity and sensitivity.  With other designs like the DT-400W (with its 450 kHz IF), it's doubtful that we can be so lucky.  But that probably won't keep us from trying :>)
     73, Gary   

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