Re: G8 signal strength meter



There is no technical difficulty in changing the soft-mute
parameters, which are documented in the chip's programming
guide. In software, it's no more difficult than changing
the channel.

The main question is what settings and features are
marketable for them to add to their interface. In general,
defeating the soft-mute is mostly a DXer feature -- not a
big market. They have, however, backed off on the feature
in the PL-380, so maybe they've been listening to the
criticisms. Or maybe they've come to their own conclusions
about the advantages of soft-mute versus the artifacts (in AM).

We'll have to wait and see if it comes back in newer models.


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Hi Scott,

How hard would it be for Tecsun to modify the firmware of their radios so that soft mute can be turned off with a combination of key presses? Ideally this change should be retained through a power cycle.


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Hi Tony,

By the way, this is part of the issue dxer's have with soft-mute.
The soft-mute calculation is based on the measured SNR. So when
you off-tune, the SNR goes to zero and soft-mute (if enabled)
kicks in.


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