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I figured out the memory issue, press the MW/LW button into Long Wave, then again to put it back into MW and all is good. Then got one new one:

1170 KFAQ Tulsa OK 1/27/10 2325u Ads, Cedar Ridge Church, Joe Morina Honda, Glenn Beck, male, "Talk Radio 1170 KFAQ." Strong with presumed KJOC in Davenport underneath with oldies.


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Good morning:

I programmed the GY frequencies into memory on s PL-310 recently received. Now it seems I am unable to get out of the memory entry mode. When I try to enter a new frequency in the keypad, the radio shows the memory number entry on the display. Rotating the tuning knob only goes through the stored memories. I must be missing something very simple.....


John Mosman
Madison, WI

P.S. Forgot to congratulate the new award winners yesterday...CONGRATS!

The new awards background pics are the greatest.

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