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> Jim you would really love the USB mod on the G8. You can completely turn the soft mute off and select the filter you want then disconnect it from the computer and use it in a normal manner away from the computer till power down and with good rechargeable batteries you can leave it on for days.

You also could make a regulator that would power the radio off a larger battery or line-operated supply. The PL-380 soft-mute setting isn't too bad. You can see why some people would think it was disabled.

> the 1Khz filter sounds a bit clearer on the G8 as it has a different audio stage configuration and seems to be more punchy with a higher tone.

I listen through the MP3 recorder, which has some audio-tailoring options. These Far Eastern gadgets are wearing me out. The ICD UX-70 manual also covers the -60 and -80 models, which I was led to believe only differed in memory capacity. So yesterday I finally got some AAA rechargeables for it and tried to charge one in the unit via the USB port. Except the option to turn on the charger (so you don't try to charge an alkaline) is not in the menu of my -70!

The world's gone mad. I found a AAA charger for less than USD2.00 including postage from Hong Kong. It may send the cells into low-earth orbit, but for that price it's worth a try. I like China's postage rates even better than their radios.

> I think the new PL-380 2009.9 ver2 may have the new chip but I don't think they have the new filter selection available.

Speaking of that. We probably don't want a thread where everyone reports their version number, but my -380 shows a November build date, yet there's no version number on the end flap of the box!

> You are probably better off with the clock selected because if you listen carefully on certain frequencies when you have the meter selected you can hear the local MCU perform the Received Signal Quality (RSQ) update. This is more noticeable with a larger loopstick.

The meters were useful when it was in the Faraday box, but I wasn't tuning around. Otherwise they just have limited entertainment value. Now, if we could tie that RSSI signal into a motor driving the turntable....


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