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> So would you avoid the soft mute or the zero reading by merely keying in 1209 instead of 1210, for instance? Or by setting the step to 9Khz rather than 10 for transatlantic stations? It doesn't seem to do anything for me, but that would be a rather simple way to eliminate the soft mute, which doesn't seem to bother me nearly as much as most folks here. I am still amazed at what this little chip can do.

The soft mute really gets annoying when there are two signals on the same frequency but slightly out of phase. If you're tuned to the station's frequency, whether on 9- or 10-kHz channel, and it's strong enough, the soft mute won't be a problem. But it can turn on even when you're right on the frequency if the station fades. Just as they ID, on the downward slope of a fade, the bloody soft mute turns on and makes it even harder to hear. Arrrrggggh.

When DXing splits I start on-frequency, but sometimes go up or down 1 kHz to get away from interference. I always use headphones, so even if the s-m goes on, there's usually enough audio. I find it more of a problem on crowded channels, like the Graveyards. Sounds like a steam locomotive high-balling it.

Because I have the radio on a turntable I can't see the meters much of the time anyway, so I rarely bother with them when DXing. In fact, lately I've been keeping the display set to show UTC time, as my little UTC clock found its way back to the portable ham station container! (I've always logged in GMT/UTC.)


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