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> Well what a difference a day makes!!!! I reported that the night before I was having trouble verifying a logging where I thought, I heard WRCA on 1090 KHZ in the 2008 of the RCA AM log book it listed it as a daytime station in Effingham, IL.
> Problem is that the FCC's AM Radio Query shows that WRCA's on 1330 KHz in New York state!! I then put in the call sign in the search engine and I was taken straight to their web site. So now I'm really confused and frustrated, so the logging has been struck from my log. BUMMER!!! :(

Congrats on the loggings, Alex. WRCA 1330 is located near Boston, Mass. 

I see a WCRA 1090, though, a 1000-W daytime talk station in Effingham, Ill.

A map at Wikipedia shows the location of Effingham.,_Illinois

They're daytime-only, but west of you, so you could hear them when it's dark at your place.


Jim, KR1S 

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