Well I had two miracles Happen last night not to mention so othere logs...


Well what a difference a day makes!!!! I reported that the night before I was having trouble verifying a logging where I thought, I heard WRCA on 1090 KHZ in the 2008 of the RCA AM log book it listed it as a daytime station in Effingham, IL.

   Problem is that the FCC's AM Radio Query shows that WRCA's on 1330 KHz in New York state!! I then put in the call sign in the search engine and I was taken straight to their web site. So now I'm really confused and frustrated, so the logging has been struck from my log. BUMMER!!! :(

  So as I left the radio on 1090 KHZ, when I called it quits for the night. The next evening at local sunset, around 1700 (L) this time of the year, I turned on the radio, still on 1090 KHz,  I heard a woman preaching in the Southern Baptist style. The audio would be very good at first, then wash out in a wall of heavy static. As the BOH came around at 2222 UTC, the audio came back strong, just to hear something made me practically do a back flip !! A very clear ID of KAAY!!!! In my hunt for states heard award, I was obsessed that I couldn't get anything from Arkansas. Most of the stations in the state are relatively low power and leaving KAAY as the only powerhouse station, but it's radiation pattern left much to be desired in rearguards to Ohio. KAAY's major lobes are pointed N-NW to S-SE. And all attempts to log anything failed miserably. But low and behold something happened propagation wise last night, and I caught it!!! I'm still pinching myself. But that wasn't the end.

    As I was tuned, around I caught WTAM on 1100 KHz in Cleveland, OH, one for the ULR heard log, but nothing earth shattering. Then I tuned to 1110 KHz, I heard a good signal with a "rewind" of the Clark Howard show. As the station ID at TOH (2300 UTC), came around, My mouth fell open,................ KFAB, Omaha, Nebraska!!!!! :) Talking about lightning striking twice!!! How could I get so lucky??:) :)

  So that raises my state count to 22 states heard. As I mentioned earlier that I struck the WRCA" off the log, and I have another logging thats a trouble maker. I logged WLOD on 1140 KHZ playing  a sysyndicatedountry music show called "The Road". Problem is the RCA Log and FCC Query show it as a Daytime only, 1 Kw with religious format. Trying to look for WLOD's website shows it's website is down. So does anybody know more if the station has changed operating hours and format??

   Then I caught WCFO on 1160 KHZ, out of East Point, Georgia. I looked up WCFO and again both publications show it as a daytimer, but when I looked up the stations website, it shows they operate 24 Hours, 7 days a week. The only thing a miss was the show schedule was supposed to be a bubusinessalk show.But it wouldn't be the first time, some body didn't show up to the studio so they put a "canned" show in it's place.  But I'm very confident that I'll claim this one as verified.

   So I got a couple others so I give it to you from the top............


Time: 2222 UTC

Frequency: 1090

Call: KAAY

Location: Little Rock, AR

Signal: Poor to Fair, would be clear one minute and noise the next

Power D/N: 50 Kw
AMP: 555 Mi
Heard: YL preaching, BOH ID and Stress and anxiety commercial

ULR Log: #  53

Date: 01/23/10

Time: 2230-2257 UTC

Frequency: 1100 KHz

Location: WTAM

Signal: Poor-Fair

Power: 50 Kw

AMP: 190 Mi

Heard: Sports Talk about boxing, and then TOH ID

ULR Log: # 54

Date: 1/23/10

Time: 2300 UTC

Frequency: 1110 KHz

Call: KFAB

Location: Ohmaha , NE

Signal: Fair fading in and out

Power D/N: 50 Kw

AMP: 630 Mi

Heard: Fox news, wx and TOH ID

ULR Log: # 55

Date: 1/23/10

Time: 0023 UTC

Frequency: 1110 KHz

Call: WBT

Location: Charlotte, NC

Signal: Fair

Power D/N: 50 Kw

AMP: 353 Mi

Heard: Clark Howard rewind, commercials, BOH ID (at 2432 UTC)

ULR Log: # 56

Date: 01/23/10

Time: 0032 UTC

Frequency: 1130 KHz

Call: KHWK

Location: Sherevport, LA

Signal: Fair

Power D/N: 50Kw

AMP: 719 Mi

Heard: CW music, Commericals, TOH ID

ULR Log: #  57

Date: 01/23/10

Time:  0104 - 0133 UTC

Frequency: 1160 KHz

Call: WCFO

Location: East Point, GA

Signal: Poor

Power: 1Kw ?

AMP: 406 Mi

Heard: Laura Ingram show rewind

ULR Log: # 58

                                      Tenitive Log

Date: 01/23/10

Time: 0034-0103 UTC

Frequency: 1140 KHz

Call: WLOD

Location: Loudon, TN

Signal: Poor

Power D/N: 1 Kw

AMP: 264 Mi

Heard:  CW music, commericals, TOH ID

ULR Log: #  Tenitive

 Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

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