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> For the techies in the group who are interested, I think this cananswer
> most of your questions: US Patent 7561865
> .

Thanks, Scott! I see in Fig. 3A that you're measuring the energy in the tuned circuit to determine resonance. In my Faraday-box experiments,  I'm using the radio to measure the field strength from the probe antenna. When I have the right number of turns on the core (I turn off the radio between changes, and rock the knob one click off, then back on frequency before taking measurements just to be sure), I always see the highest signal level on the radio's display. (I can see from the display that sliding my hand under the screen and up to the radio doesn't affect the measurements, so I'm not inducing a hand-capacity artifact.) The test equipment requirement is minimal, as the radio does all the heavy lifting. It's a great device. I hope SiLabs can find markets to enlarge the feature set, to include SSB for one thing. Another useful feature for larger radios would be the ability to select either LW or MW inductances, so compromise inductances aren't required. I think you'll agree that you can't get best performance on both bands with a single coil.

Next time you meet someone from Tecsun, could you ask them to add a button that completely disables soft mute? It has its place, but sometimes we wish you'd left out that feature. :) 


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