Re: Resonance

Gary DeBock

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the link to the US Patent reference, and I'll certainly read it over.
If I was a businessman I'd certainly be very thankful for this "debate"--  demand for the 7.5" loopstick PL-380's seems to be going through the roof :-)
73, Gary
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--- In, "jim_kr1s" quotes me:
> "First, the AM front-end of the Si4734 is a tuned-tank circuit with a
> fairly conventional LNA and quadrature mixer as shown in the block
> diagram....
> "As Roy has pointed out, the loopstick (or air-loop) inductance is
> resonated with an on-chip varactor, which tunes in small discrete steps.
> This tuning is done each time the frequency is changed."


Radio reception and antennas involve complex, multidimensional tradeoffs, 
so I'm not taking sides (yet, anyway) in this debate.  I do agree with
Jim that a necessary first step to resolving the disagreement is to 
carefully understand loopstick resonance and how the Silabs' tuning 
method differs fro m that implemented in all other radios.

For the techies in the group who are interested, I think this can
answer most of your questions: US Patent 7561865 .


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