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You know I was wondering about that. I would think a highly directional antenna in an entertainment radio would be undesirable. You could miss even a local station if the radio was turned in the wrong direction. I am not much on radio theory, but I was wondering why some radios are much more directional than others. The PL-600 and the 911 triplets are all pretty small compared to the Heathkit. - FARMERIK

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It just got me wondering if I could block signals from more of the
sides, and make any portable much more directional on the internal
ferrite rod. Thanks - FARMERIK

Probably not, I'm afraid. In your collection you have that fine Heathkit
portable, with a 7-inch ferrite rod. I'll bet it's more directional than
the ULRs with only internal antennas. When it comes to antennas, size


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