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> Hi Jim
> Thank you for the links to the Rider article, I have just had a skim
> through but can see it is well written and I will enjoy digesting it.

Thanks, Roy! After the up-front theory, the old-time circuits are interesting, too. Radio hasn't changed all that much, though the devices we use sure have. I started out messing with radios similar to the circuits in that book, before I got my ham license. And I have the scars to prove it!

> I first learnt about resonance 45 years ago during a 6 year traineeship
> in electronic telecommunications which I started straight out of school.
> Resonance fascinated me as much then as it does today (funny how the
> formulas haven't changed).

Got my ham license in 1962, FCC commercial license in 1964, and graduated from Hutchinson Technical HS, an engineering-college prep school in Buffalo, NY in 1965. Joined the USAF, where I was a ground-radio tech, but I bypassed tech school by taking a "bypass specialist's" test in Basic training. The ham training really paid off, especially for the AF, which didn't have to pay to train me! I worked on some interesting gear in some interesting places, and came to appreciate mil-spec quality.

After the service I went for a liberal arts education, but always worked in tech environments, including 5 years for ARRL, the U.S. ham-radio  organization, as a technical editor and author. I like writing, and I like the precision of science. I find it impossible to write about things I don't understand, but the basics always come through for me.

I'm contemplating hacking the G8. Lately it's serving to look for parallel SW transmissions, but the soft mute's driving me nuts. The ULRs were a diversion from my home-made radios. Now that we've put the antenna business to rest, I plan to get back to them.


Jim, KR1S 

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