Re: Resonance and Training

Chris Knight <chris@...>

Just to throw in my hat, I too appreciate the contributions of everyone
concerned, whether they are experimental or discussions of proven radio
theory. Each has their own merit. Everything that has been said here in
discussion, or posted as an article, has increased my knowledge of these
little radios.

This forum is a great place for these types of discussions and I hope it
continues. Myself and others are making purchasing decisions based on what
is said here. So the more discussion (even contention at times) is well
worth it to me.

Lookin forward to the work you are doing along with all the input from Jim
Gary and in fact all the others - When you dont have a raft of test gear its
good to rely on others test results

Thanks to all




Chris Knight (N0IJK)
Fort Lupton, Colorado

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