Re: Grundig G6 - ultralight or not?

Gary Kinsman

Hi Kevin,

The FM on my R9012 is terrible (it is the newer version). It picks up the same station at multiple spots on the dial, and it can't pick up several stations that my DT-400W gets with no problem. I don't live close to any FM stations, so overload should not be an issue. I've seen other comments on the Internet about problems with the FM on the R9012.

The MW (AM) is pretty good for the size, and that's what I bought it for. As has been pointed out in this group before, the MW sensitivity increases when the whip antenna is rotated away from the top of the radio. This radio has better nulls on MW than any of my digital ultralights.


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If you go the 9012 route, make sure you get one that was made after 2005, asking the seller for the serial number. Per Gary's message #3432 here on the Group, "Please be aware that a lemon variant issue exists with the Tecsun R9012, and that some "black lemons" from 2005 have been identified. If the serial number is 0892005xxxxxxx, it indicates that the model was manufactured in 2005 and is a probably a "lemon," regardless of color. Models with serial numbers of 0892008xxxxxxx and 0892009xxxxxxx have all proven to be "good" so far, regardless of color. The loopstick design on models manufactured in 2005 has inferior sensitivity, compared to the recently-manufactured models. The eBay seller "tquchina" has been sending out newly manufactured R9012's for free, to replace substandard 2005 models purchased from him."

Regards - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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