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Unfortunately, the G8 is not very sensitive at all on LW. I took it to Europe last summer, and even with megawatt LW stations nearby, reception was still only just OK. The LW sections of the PL-310 and PL-380 are significantly better, and get better still if you do the five dollar "Stealth" modification that Gary DeBock and others are doing. The G5 (because of size and SSB capability) and G6 (SSB capability) are not Ultralights, but I would think that the SSB capability would make them even better beacon hunters as opposed to an AM-only set, even if the SSB is a bit warbly.

The WRX-911 (Tecsun R-911) is a good AM unit, and the Tecsun R-9012 is even better due to its more sensitive FM section and an easier-to-use rotary tuning knob. The 9012 is available on eBay from various reputable Chinese sellers for under $20 shipped. You may see a Tecsun R-912 once in a while, which is what the 9012 replaced.

If you go the 9012 route, make sure you get one that was made after 2005, asking the seller for the serial number. Per Gary's message #3432 here on the Group, "Please be aware that a lemon variant issue exists with the Tecsun R9012, and that some "black lemons" from 2005 have been identified. If the serial number is 0892005xxxxxxx, it indicates that the model was manufactured in 2005 and is a probably a "lemon," regardless of color. Models with serial numbers of 0892008xxxxxxx and 0892009xxxxxxx have all proven to be "good" so far, regardless of color. The loopstick design on models manufactured in 2005 has inferior sensitivity, compared to the recently-manufactured models. The eBay seller "tquchina" has been sending out newly manufactured R9012's for free, to replace substandard 2005 models purchased from him."

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My favorite right now for AM dxing is the Grundig G5, which isn't a ultralight by any means but it's the perfect size, easy to rotate around. I've read a lot of positive things about the G8 though and at the price of around 50 bucks, seems to be a good deal.

Speaking of the G8, I read it does longwave which I do from time to time listen to airport morse beacons. How is this radio on that band??

They have a ultralight at amazon for 17 bucks now, a Kaito WRX911 I might get just to try out that seems to have a pretty good rep to it.


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