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I'm definitely interrested in learning more about the mod you're speaking of. Also, would it possibly have the added benefit of getting the loopstick away from the LCD, DSP chip, CPU, etc, and cutting down on some internal noise, or would it either not make a difference, or, introduce some new noise due to nearby componnents at the new location?

Also, what about powering the radio when it's not plugged in, and replacing batteries as necessary? I don't want to take the back stand off and put a D96L battery there, as I've seen referenced in another post.

If I was going to use the same spot as the original loopstick to put the modded stick, would a 0.25" OD 4" (longest in that size) stick work there, or would it need to be cut down its length? Or what about a bunch of 0.03" OD 0.3" long sticks together, like a mini version of some of the fancy outdoor loopsticks I've seen in a loopstick article (one of which is like a 6-8' stick)?

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Gary has pointed out in previous posts that the Amidon's thickness, .5" OD, prevents it from being used where the stock ferrite lies. Major plastic trimming to allow a fit looks risky in that it appears trimming would have to be done on a circuit board as well. The risk would be cutting board traces that interconnect components.
I have ordered some flat lipoly batteries that will fit in a vacant spot in the radio. I plan on checking the charging circuit in the rx to see if that will work with these batteries. I don't forsee a problem. I will alligator clip them to the correct spots in the existing battery box for testing the charging circuit.
The plan is to then use a 4" Amidon .5 OD rod where the two batteries lie inline. With a minimum amount of surgery, a 5" Amidon work could fit inside the cabinetry. No circuit boards are at risk. I have a 6" rod that I can trim.
It will probably be next week before I do the work.
Once again, I try to "fix" a radio that isn't broken. ;)
73 Gil

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