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Michael <cglynn321@...>

Hi John
Interested to know how what other UL's you have and how the 310 compares to them.I have been siting on the fence trying to decide between the 380 and the 310.
Michael Glynn
Niagara Falls, Canada

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Hello all:

Received the Tecsun PL-310 yesterday putting me at three ultralights. Interesting the English manual cover says PL-310, but the insides is all about the PL-380.

540 WAUK Jackson WI 1/22/10 2145U Ads, mention of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Bucks and ESPN Wisconsin several times. (Tecsun PL-310 BF)

680 WMFS Memphis TN 1/22/10 2250U ESPN Radio, matched web broadcast, talking about player Rudy Gay of Memphis Grizzlies. (Eton E100 BF)

John Mosman
Madison, WI

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