Re: Project using SI4735 DSP Radio Chip


I am sure that with all our different abilities we could certainly develop the project
I have acopy of the article that downloaded with my Elector Credits.
However this is not an independant project -- First you need the ATN18 AVR board (Elector April 2008) cost US$40.40
Also needed is the Two wire LCD board  (Elector May 2008) cost US$37.10 then in the Feb 2010 article the DSP board
US$44.44 then postage for each  - they quoted $16.00 per item on website but hopefully they may combine HOWEVER it
still starting to to get quite expensive when already have most of what is needed if we follow Roy's article.  Just add the interface. 
Roy --- if you would like some info on the software and article send me a email offline neil@... - dont want copyright
issues on a public forum.
Pulled the 380 apart today - well along in builing new rod assmbly - very similar to Gary's but the verticle section has 2 vertical posts
(where the horiontal level bubble was) - in that section I am mounting 2 x 3.5mm jack sockets, 1 switches pole poles - will connect new
rod via this but will be able to plug the 4foot or 9 foot loop in directly.   the second will connect to coupling winding to connect in one of
my 3 Kaz antenna. not sure how it will all work but like everyone else will play around and try lots based on all the posts about this type
of thing.
Have to agree with John Bryants post about the camaraderie of the group-- there are no Prima - Donnas in the group  -- all co-operate.
I remember when my only resources was a book by Arthur Cushen from New Zealand. I also have have Gerry Dexter's published in 86. 
In Australia I have been a member of Groups that I did not find all that helpful. Just concentrated on what they heard - not much that was technically helpful and the agenda was driven by a few highly sucsessful individuals but this group certainly not like that.
Thanks again to all

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The February 2010 issue of "Elektor" magazine (www.elektor. com) has a radio project using the SI4735 DSP radio chip, as used in the Eton G8 etc. The published design is for a basic FM receiver, but I wonder whether the more technically adept members of this forum could develop this. It would be great if a DXers design with all the chips features could be developed, such as RDS. I regret such a project is beyond my design capabilities, although I would have a go at building one.



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