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Thanks John but I can`t send anything via this medium or the pointer
to email!! could you send me your email addy please??



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Send those photos to me and I'll put them through
a couple of routines to reduce the file size
without harming the actual photo and then I'll put them up.

I find that ebay suppliers with a high
transaction count (in the hundreds) and above 95%
positive feedback are very reliable. I've never
had a bad experience. However, I am
cautious. Joyce Ng of Hong Kong is one of the
finest people that I've met on ebay.... just
wonderful, tho her English is limited. I'm
almost certain that she ships to the UK, but go
on ebay and find one of her Anon-co auctions and
ASK HER, using the "Ask the Seller a Question"
routine. Tell her that I sent you. She is just
great. If there would be a problem, she will tell you.

Send me those photos when you have the chance and tell Joyce that I said "Hi!"

John Bryant

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Hi John.

Do you know if they mail to the UK?? that would
be great if they seem to be able to
order what you want, I`m envious that
you are able to trust the suppliers ... they also appear to give good
service ...

I wil email some piccies if you wouldn`t mind posting them for me..
being plastic means they can be made waterproof!! the mind boggles ;o)



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Sorry, but as yet, the PL-380 is only available
from sources in China, mostly Joyce at Anon-co.

Those loops that you made sound VERY interesting.
How 'bout shooting a few pictures for us....
actually, a short article would be great.
However, if that is too much for you, how 'bout
sending me some shots, I'll optimize them for the
web and upload them for the gang????? Your ideas sound very intriguing.

Hey, I taught for seven years at a place just two
hours south of Birmingham.... Auburn
University.... 'course, that was Birmingham,
ALABAMA.... as I go bumbling into the dawn...

THANKS for your comments, WELCOME! Let's see those loops!

John Bryant

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Is the PL-380 known under any Alias, such as Eton or Grundig??

In the UK the PL-300 is available as the Grundig G8 for example!
which I am very pleased with except for the soft squelch and MW
breakthrough on short wave ... very impressed with FM, I use it
portable and use my Kenwood for base station!!

Thanks for all the info on ULs as I enjoy the projects, I have
built a couple of air coils and a couple of ferrite rod loops
also and they all work excellent with my G8,the air loops are
6ft and 9ft circumference and made using 2" x 0.325" plastic strip
that was meant for plastic window frames ... much quicker and
easier to build as a circle than wooden square loops and look just
as impressive, as the plastic is white. ;o)


Lee ... G6ZSG. Birmingham. UK.

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