Electricity out (4am), suggestions for TPs 2 try w/PL-380 & SAT?


Hi all.. the electrical power has been out in my neighborhood since early yesterday afternoon (I'm posting on my cell phone and just got the 15% battery warning on my 2nd batt (1st is at 2%)), so I was wondering what, if any, TPs (or TAs) I should try for? I've been camped on 775 (1 kHz off 774) on my as-yet-unmodded PL-380 (and attempting to help it with the Select-A-Tenna), but so far have yet to positively ID anything, as 780 KKOH Reno, 770 KKOB Albuquerque, and 760 KFMB San Diego (50kW, ~7 mi) are all giving my radio fits, even in the 1kHz BW mode.

Any other TPs I should try for, or is my local dial oversaturated? Some strong signals include (all without SAT):
540 - 48dBu, SSW
600 - 63dBu, IBOC, 5kW, ~8mi, W
640 - ~45dBu, IBOC, 50kW, ~100mi, NNW
690 - 58dBu, SSW
720 - ~53dBu, 50kW, ~250mi, NE
740 - ~47dBu, IBOC?, 50kW, ~500mi, NNW
760 - 63dBu, 50kW, ~7mi, NW
800 - 49dBu, S
840 - ~52dBu, 25kW, ~250mi, NE
860 - 52dBu, S
910 - 63dBu, 5kW, ~10mi, NNE
1070 - 52dBu, 50kW, ~110mi, NNW
1090 - 49dBu, 50kW, SSW
1130 - 63dBu, 10kW, ~8mi, N
1170 - 62dBu, ~?kW (50kW day), same tx site as 910)
1210 - 46dBu, ~10kW?, NNW
1240 - 54dBu, 1kW, ~12mi, WSW
1360 - 59dBu, 1kW (5kW day), ~8mi, WSW
1420 - 48dBu, ?kW, SW
1470 - 54dBu, 10kW, SW
1530 - ~44dBu, 50kW, ~500mi, NNW
1580 - ~46dBu, 50kW,~300mi,ENE & 50kW,~100mi,NNW
1700 - 51dBu, 10kW, SW

I've looked at the first thrilling TP article, and many of those stations (as well as others I've heard about like the 1134 from Croatia or wherever) are next to strong locals, Am I out of luck, or is there anything I can try? If necessary, I could hook up a Zoom H2 and record audio and check it later.

BTW, I am hoping to do a stealth PL-380 mod, but I'm still wondering if there is any possible way to use better ferrite than the internal stock bar? I would be willing to consider cutting plastic or sanding/planing/cutting ferrite (to make an Amidon 61 bar or equivalent) fit, if it would be likely to make a significant improvement... or am I expecting too much? (A significant improvement, to me, would be taking a station from not even so much as a detectable carrier, to semi-clear audio, registering around 20-25dB SNR... like taking KFWB (5kW, which can be faintly heard on the PL-380, but was basically silent on my previous radio (Panasonic RQ-SW10/20) and making it seem as strong as KNX (50kW).)

Also, I don't have a spotting receiver, and am not currently in the market for one... unless it's several orders of magnitude better than the PL-380 - at least able to take a station completely audible on the 380 even with a 9' loop, and on the spotter is a fully saturated signal (absolutely no static), barefoot. (Extra bonus points for being able to receive the TP on 639 while within 1/4 mi of KFI's transmitter as clear as the 380 would receive KFI.)

Am I expecting too much? As for the stealth PL-380 mod, I'd actually be happy if it improves it enough for me to be able to hear station audio on every single 10kHz frequency across the AM band at local noon.

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