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Yes, there is a lot of confusion about Puerto Rico. The real story is that it has never been an independent country. It went from being a Spanish territory to a US territory 112 years ago. You can't imagine how many times I have to enter into a bit of PR history when I order radios or radio parts from the mainland and some companies insist on filling out customs papers as if they were sending the items to a foreign nation. In most cases I am successful but in a minority of cases the papers are sent and the US postal service here does not even look at them! BTW support for independence here has plummeted from 10% in the 70s to 2% in the present. Well, back to radio again. Just wanted to clear up some facts regarding PR. For those trying good catches from PR, a very powerful station here is WAPA (680kHz) and a less powerful english station is WOSO(1030kHz). Very popular ones are WKAQ(580kHz) and WUNO(630kHz). All of them are in San Juan. Good hunting!

Guido KP4FAR
San Juan, PR-USA

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Understood. But this map
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ File:Latin_ America_(orthographic_ projection\
).svg includes Puerto Rico. Note that Belize and other non-Spanish or
Portuguese-speaking countries are not included. The map is linked from
here: http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Latin_America

So I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.


Jim, KR1S
http://qrp.kearman. com/

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