Re: Tecsun AN-200 Loop Antenna

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The Q-stick is a nice combination of size/RF boost--about the same as the AN100 but a much smaller package…


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> Has anyone tried or seen the Tecsun AN-200 MW loop antenna in the
> flesh?
> Seems to be more or less a generic tuned loop.
> Anything that I am missing here?
> Available on eBay (for example item 220529758543)
> 73,
> Deane McIntyre
I have the AN-100 (the only real difference being the shape of the base) and it provides marginal, but not great, improvement in AM. With patience, you can get fairly decent results. There are a couple of other AM antennas out there, such as the Degen DE-33 and the Q stick. Anyone got any critique on these?

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