Re: Cuba and Puerto Rico = Latin America?

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Puerto Rico is a  territory of the United States since 1898. All Puertoricans are US citizens since 1917 and have fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and more recently in the Gulf War, Irak and Afghanistan. The federal government has the same presence here as in any other state and that goes too for the US Postal service. The island is light years away in economic development from Cuba or the Dominican Republic. All AM stations are FCC licensed and carry the W prefix (i.e. WOSO, WUNO, WKAQ). It is like Hawaii or Alaska before they became a state of the Union. Yes, Spanish is spoken here but so is English. Stations here are not Latin American catches but US catches.

Guido Santacana KP4FAR
San Juan, Puerto Rico-USA

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Pardon me for asking, but this may interest others. There are a ton of
Cuban stations; do they count for the Latin America ULR awards? How
about Puerto Rico? Or does the entire Caribbean (what's left of it on
AM) count? Thanks.


Jim, KR1S
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