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I've just uploaded a new article to the DXing Techniques section of the Ultralight Library in our Files section. Its called "Techniques of Barefoot Ultralight DXing." It's written by four of the deans of Barefooting in North America, especially domestic Barefooting: Rob Ross, Frank Welch, Richard Allen and John Cereghin. Between the four of them, they have over 2500 Stations heard, Barefoot in the last two years. As a further incentive(?) for downloading this article, I was able to persuade three of the four to accompany their text with a photo of themselves with their favorite Ultralights. Frank Welch claimed that he did not know how to use a digital camera, had lost his last film camera and was thus excused from this part of the exercise.....

Anyway, it is past time for us to have found out how the big Barefooters are accomplishing all of these wonderful things. They have fessed up in a very interesting five-page article. I might add that virtually all of their techniques can be used by those of us who practice in the Unlimited Class, too.

The easiest way to download the article is to hit the blue hyperlink called "New Files" at the bottom of this and all other ultralightdx messages. Look for the article in the "DXing Techniques" folder. The article will be up on our sister site, in a few hours.

John Bryant
Stillwater, OK
WinRadio G313e + Ultralights
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