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> Cool pictures, Jim! I do have a question thnough. Who is who in those pictures?

Thanks, Kirk. Chris is the youngster. :)

> Another thing, thanks for the wake up call on Turks and Caicos 530. I had forgotten they've been reported active again, and I've been forgetting to check for them. I haven't logged them yet here in Texas.

They're tough here at home under R Encic. Usually only loggable just at sunset when the ionosphere to Havana is in transition. Melbourne is only 80 miles north, but R Encic is considerably weaker there. Have you logged TIRI on 530? That one's tough for me, as I have R Encic on about the same bearing.  Couldn't sort it out last night. A surprise was not getting a whisper from R Farda on 1575.

> Looks and sounds like you fellas had a good time. Wish I could have been there!

We really had a good time, stayed up til almost midnight, when I had to drive home and let the young man get some sleep. I'm always happy to meet other radio folks in person. Plan on going to Orlando Hamcation, if that meets anyone's schedule.


Jim, KR1S 

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