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hi John,

the two Callarman Mexican logs are dated 2008, thats all i know about them. i'm concentrating on u.s. and Canadian stations.


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Do you know where from and when the Mexican data
got to that site??? The most up-to-date info on
Mexico is the new IRCA Mexican Log, available
only in hard copy and the most extensive is the
Mexican list last updated by very thorough
hobbyist John Callerman about two years ago.

John Bryant
Stillwater, OK
WinRadio G313e + Ultralights
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If you're a member of the ABDX group, (or want
to join) in the files section, you can download
excel spreadsheets of every Canadian station
listed by freq, with distances from your
location (if you know your latitude and longitude).

theres a 2nd spreadsheet with just the
freq/call/location and formats for all Can stations.

a 3rd spreadsheet with all mexican stations by
freq. with other info about each station.

worth the time.


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