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John Cereghin <pastor@...>


I'm also at 281 stations but your log is quite a bit more interesting than mine right now- I'm only a 6 countries and 27 states!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

Allen Willie wrote:

Hi Guys,
Things were a bit tougher stations count  with the Robert Ross Challenge last night  with the noise level and A Index a bit higher and even higher today. Did manage to log a new country or two though on ultralight up to 281 stations now with 19 to go.
A few logs from last night:
1368 khz - Galei Zahel , Shivta Israel   9/3/08  23:51 UTC  w/ Hebrew announcements, a variety of song vocals in Hebrew and ID ; fair   *** NEW COUNTRY *** # 57 on ULR
 702 khz - RTM C  - Sebaa-Aouin Morocco   9/3/08  23:45 UTC  w/ arabic chants and talk ; good
1620 khz - WDHP - Frederikstad, US Virgin Islands   9/4/08  3:20 UTC  w/ Lionel Richie song ; island type song talk ,ID  fair  *** NEW COUNTRY # 58 on ULR
1062 khz - IRIB Kerman Iran   9/3/08  22:35 UTC  w/ persian chanting and talk ; fair
1467 khz - IRIB  Isfahan, Iran  9/4/08  00:15 UTC  w/ persian chants and talk ; fair
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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