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Chris Knight's business trip to Melbourne, Florida was the occasion for Operation MULDxER (The DX is Out There!), the first Melbourne Ultra Light Dxpedition, Exhibition and Radiofest. The event got underway with dinner at Paisano's Italian restaurant, overlooking the Indian River Lagoon. Between mouthfuls of delicious Chicken Catch-A-T-A, we talked about ultralights, antennas, DXing, ham radio, politics, bird watching.... the gamut.

Well-nourished, we headed for the parking lot to do some DXing. The only thing between us and the Atlantic was the barrier island, and conditions were superb. Using only an unmodified, barefoot PL-380 we logged 20 countries in a couple of hours. Chris and I have only a bit more than 80 years of combined DXing experience. No doubt more-experienced DXers with spotting receivers could have done better. We didn't bother logging domestics except the annoying Emergency Radio station on 1610 that kept us from making Anguilla #21. Here's a list of one station per country logged; some, like Algeria, Bahamas, Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela were logged more than once.

 530    CMBQ        Cuba
 530    RVC        Turks & Caicos
 558    R Farhan    Iran (tentative)
 612    RTM         Morocco
 621    R Nacional    Canary Islands
 630    WUNO        Puerto Rico
 639    R Nacional    Spain
 750    YVKS        Venezuela
 783    R Mauretanie    Mauritania
 790    ZBVI        BVI
 800    PLB        Neth. Antilles
 810    ZNS 3        Bahamas
 860    CJBC        Canada
 891    RTA 1         Algeria
 900    XEW        Mexico
1134    Hrvatski R 1    Croatia
1170    HJNW        Colombia
1215    Absolute R    England
1521    Al-Saudiyah 1    Saudi Arabia
1610    WPRF526        USA

Photos from Operation MULDxER: http://kr1s.kearman.com/html/MULDxER.html


Jim, KR1S

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