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Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
Pretty decent conditions last night with the following heard:
549 khz - RTA1 - Alger, Algeria  Jan 16/10   22:59 UTC w/ arabic music then  talk by man and woman , into news  (this one was in most of the evening )
720 khz - KNR - Simuutaq, Greenland  Jan 16/10  23:34 UTC w/ greenlandic language then into 60's song by Kyu Sakamoto "Suki Yaki"  ( very strong at times )
972 khz - R. Jamahiriyah , Sirta Libya  Jan 16/10   22:30 UTC  w/ arabic chants and music
612 khz - RTM Sebaa-Aioun Morocco  Jan 16/10  22:51 UTC w/ arabic chants and music
750 khz - YVKS . Caracas Venezuela   Jan 17  3:14  UTC w/ political talk in spanish by man , Radio Caracas ID, mention of Venezuela  ( this one at times over semi local CBC station)
73 and Good DX to All
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot  

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