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Jim <va3jno@...>

Radio Sony SRF-59
Total ULR Loggings (Kirkland Lake)............180

1090 WBAL Baltimore MD. Ad, then "Ron Smith Radio Show". "WBAL",, and "WBAL news at 5" at 1700 EST Jan 15. Fair. 50kW.

1250 CJYE Oakville ON. Gospel music, ad for tour of Israel with info at, promo for Saturday morning show "on Joy 12-50" at 1730 EST Jan 15. Fair/poor. 10kW/5kW.

630 WPRO Providence RI. "WPRO Providence" ID then into ABC news at 2300. "Newstalk 6-30 WPRO" twice at 2305 EST Jan 15. Poor. 5kW. NEW STATE #25.

800 CJBQ Belleville ON. C&W music (For The Good Times). "800 CJBQ" twice at 0020 EST Jan 16, first by a woman then repeated by a man. More C&W music. Very poor, with CJAD and CKLW. 10kW.

1230 WSOO Sault Ste. Marie MI. "12-30 WSOO" ID only at 0727 EST Jan 16, then back in a few minutes later with an insurance ad mentioning Sault Ste. Marie. Very poor. 1kW.

1260 WRIE Erie PA. Ads, one mentioning "rolling into Erie". "ESPN Radio 12-60 WRIE Erie" at 0800 EST Jan 16 and into Sportscenter. Very poor. 5kW.

1340 WMBN Petoskey MI. "13-40 WMBN. Here is your northern Michigan weather forecast" at 1943 EST Jan 16. Very poor then gone. 1kW.

1440 WHKZ Warren OH. SRN news. "This is WHKW Cleveland, WHKZ ..." at 2002 EST Jan 16. Very poor and mostly overpowered by WMAX.

710 WOR New York City NY. USF vs Rutgers basketball game. "710 WOR and WOR HD" ID at 2057 EST Jan 16. Poor. 50kW.

Jim Orcheson
DXing in Kirkland Lake Ontario.

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