hi Bruce,

you just said the magic word "reset", i pulled the batteries out, let it set, put em back in and Shazaam. i've got 10 khz step rate back again. Thanks.


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I had an M40W that reverted to 9kHz tuning in 1989. I couldn't find any way to reset it back other than putting the AA(?) batteries in backwards and turning the radio on for a second. It worked, but the radio was never the same after that, and it failed totally a year or two after my crude reset.

I don't think the users manual explained how it could be changed between 9 and 10kHz. In fact, I think Sony didn't want us to know it had 9kHz capabilities.

Bruce Sherman

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Jan 15
920 kc CFRY Portage la Prairie, (52 mi west of Winnipeg) Manitoba, 0734 EST, 25k 15k 897 miles

this is my 3rd Manitoba station, yet no ND or SD.

i heard a Canadian station on 1080 at 0809 EST today, to the east north east from Detroit. the only Canadian listed in radio-locator is Alberta, and no Canadian is listed in MWlist on 1080 . must be a
new station. any ideas ? they mentioned windsor, Oshawa, hockey, had french singing and announcing.

Also, my M40W radio powered up on 9 khz tuning yesterday, i cant make it go back to 10 khz, anyone know how ? the newer M37W uses the clock pushbutton to do this, i dont have a clock.

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi Sony SRF-M40W ulr

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