Jan 15
1080 KRLD TX Dallas 1832 EST 50k 50k 1000 miles, cbs news

Dallas was really loud from 1832 to about 1845, when i checked back on freq, at 1845 it was WTIC Hartford CT (home of ARRL). ant pattern is N,S,W very little E. Big surprise, was listening south for AR when TX claimed the frequency.

Once again i monitored 1080 for the unknown station, nothing heard until 0816, when he just popped up loud, french announcer, song sung in english, lasted one minute, then he disappeared, came back again at 0836. fadding up and down.
He is not 1070 CHOK Sarnia Ont or 540 CBEF Windsor Ont. he may have switched to a higher power at daybreak, then had amplifier problems and went back to low power. anyone else hear him ?

mostly good signal until 0847 then started fading in and out

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi Sony SRF-M40W ulr

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