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Thanks very much for that report on Cubans heard in the center of the country.... I'll definitely include that in the tip sheet.

John B.

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> I've gotten both Mark and Gary's comments/tips on TA and TP DXing
> gathered together to make a tip sheet for us, but I sure would like
> to add a similar section on Central and South American stations most
> likely heard. I wonder if Mark, you would give us a similar list
> there.... and maybe Rob Ross could add an inland perspective or
> Then I'll make a PDF and put it on
> John B.

Several Cuban stations can be heard on an ULR in northern Oklahoma
almost every night. The best time seems to be in the hour after local

Radio Rebelde 670, 710 and 1180 kHz.
Radio Enciclopedia 530 kHz (easy listening music).
Radio Musical 590 kHz (classical music).
Radio Reloj 570 kHz.
Radio Progresso 640 and 890 kHz.

Radio Rebelde on 670 is the easiest to hear and it has a short wave
parallel on 5025 kHz.

I've also noted the time pips and CW ID of Radio Reloj recently on
790, 930 and 950 kHz.

Maybe this will be helpful to other DXers in my region.

Richard Allen.

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