Jan 13
0920 CKNX ONT Wingham 10k 1k 1903 EST
0920 WHJJ RI Providence 5k 5k 1906 EST 590 mi New state#28

Jan 14
1250 WNEM MI Bridgeport 0812 EST

After passing 150 stations heard, the old hunt and peck method wasnt working, too many dupes and too many wasted nights listening with no new log entrys. i started using the MWLIST and sticking on a frequency. its responsible for SC and RI, so its working. on the 920 kc freq, i could possibly hear RI to the east, SD to the west, AR to the south, just by rotating the radio. its not as exciting but it works.

the M40W radio has many images, 1300 appears on 1310, etc, and its coverage stops at 1670 kc. i wonder if anyone has any experience with the new M37W, if so, I would like to hear about it. the M40W was first made in 1988.

the M40W is almost as sensitive and quiet as the SRF-59, but has better selectivity (at the high end of the band), digital readout, MUCH easier to tune and 7 memories. overall, a more enjoyable radio to operate.

Congrats to Kirk Allen, not only for 150 Latino stations but for using a SRF-59 to tune them in. thats impressive.

also, i wonder how many states anyone can hear on an ultra lite radio from one location ? whats the record ?

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi, ulr Sony SRF-M40W

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