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I have a very helpful guide to pronouncing Spanish letters and numbers that I'd be happy to share with anyone interested. I'm emailing one to you, Scott. The main reason I can sometimes ID SS speaking stations boils down to plain ole experience. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours listening to radio stations broadcasting in SS on shortwave beginning in the 1970's. Through the years I've read many good references for understanding key words and or phrases as hrd on the air. A tool available to us that wasn't around back in my earlier days of DX'ing is the internet! Try googling for references to look over. There's many available out there. One other suggestion is to find some SS stations that have internet streaming audio available and just listen. Fred Cantu has a great website that will allow you to hear Mexican stations w/ no QRM at all, hi hi.
Hope this helps maybe a little.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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Wow, Kirk, I don't know how you can do it. Those XEs (and all Spanish-
language stations, for that matter) just annoy me because I have no
way of identifying them. I've probably heard most of what you've heard
on my SRF-59, and just don't know it. Any pointers or tips, anyone?


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Hi Gang,

Not much listening has been going on around here lately, but last
night I was able to do some tuning around w/ the SRF-59 used
barefoot. One new station was hrd and another tentative, both out of
Mexico. 1090 kHz has a lot more potential for other XE loggings
besides the ones below.

1090, XEHR, Puebla, PU, 0200 UTC, 1/13/10, surprised to hear this
frequency really opening up with 3 or 4 XE stations audible in a big
pile up. Monitored this channel on and off for 3 hours. Started
hearing some "Grupo Formula" references @ 2332 punching through the
co-channel QRM from the strong XEMCA (Veracruz) and others. Noted
one "Radio Cinco" ID. Full ID @0200 w/ call letters.

1090, (T), XEWL, Nuevo Laredo, TM, 2312 UTC, 1/12/10, I hrd one
tentative "Doble U Radio" ID that popped up when this freq started
coming to life right around the sunset enhancement period. Calling
this one tentative for now. Hope I didnh't miss my only opportunity
to catch this one.

Thanks for the kind words lately. I'd like to say a big congrats to
Byron for his latest awards. Also to all other members having logged
some great new catches in the last month--a hearty congrats and keep
on keepin' on w/ your milestones!
73 for now,

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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