they're not TA's or TP's...but.....still fun

Tim Davisson

Guys...The little SRF-59's excellent nulling capability
is really making ultralight AM "DXing" fun!

I'm building up my few-days-old ultralight logbook.

A few loggings from today, Friday, 9/5/08, all EDT
from suburban Akron, Ohio. SRF-59, barefoot:

1150 WIMA/Lima, OH; 6:42am (I have a local on 1150...20 miles
NE of Norton...they were ON THE AIR at the time!).

1360 WBUC/Buckhannon, WV...6:39pm w/satellite country music.

1450 WDAD/Indiana, PA...7:09pm w/highschool football preview
show. (There are 2 1450's within 60 miles of my home).

930 WHON/Centerville, IN...9:13pm w/highschool football.
(Semi-local WEOL in Elyria, Ohio is also on 930, 30 miles
or less from here).

630 WLAP/Lexington, KY 9:38pm w/highschool football.
(Local WHLO 640's transmitter is 3 MILES north of me...and
they were on the air!).

560 CFOS/Owens Sound, ONT...10:14pm w/standards.

550 WSVA/Harrisonburg, VA...10:30pm w/Joe Bohannon Show
..."news radio 5-50 W S V A.".

Loggings were fun. Nothing exotic like TA's or TP's (not yet).


Tim Davisson, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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