Re: possible dx test

Carl DeWhitt

I just heard their slogan on the online stream."La Raza Doce Diez"(1210).I listening to the online stream now in hopes of hearing the legal i.d. on the hour.

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Here is KEVT website and the CEO's name and e mail address.They do have live web audio also.

Armando Zamora
President / CEO
The CEO maybe the one to send QSL requests to according to a report i saw elsewhere online.

Carl DeWhitt
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This was posted on the IRCA mail list.I am forwarding it along for those who may want to try for it.If i can wake up for this or stay awake for it,it would be a great ulr catch here.
Carl DeWhitt

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Subject: Re: [IRCA] 1210 test
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Looks like KEVT-1210 will be testing early on Thursday morning with 10
kw non-directional starting at about 12:30 a.m.? Pacific time or 1:30
a.m. Mountain Time.? Programming is mostly Mexican Music but there
could be some English IDs.??? You might pass this on to anyone who
might be interested

Paul Losoff
Tucson AZ

* I don't know anymore about this, as Pul just sent the e mail.

Patrick Martin
KGED QSL Manager
From Carl:
Wikipedia has the following KEVT information:

KEVT Sahuarita, Arizona 1210 Slogan La Raza 1210 AM 10k/1k
format:Regional Mexican

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