600 WSJS Winston-Salem NC heard at Noordhoek, South Africa


Hi guys

The mid summer months can provide some interesting TA reception here in South Africa.

WSJS Winston Salem NC on 600 kHz

During a recent family holiday/dxpedition to Noordhoek (approximately 20 kilometres south of Cape Town) I was fortunate to receive some early TA openings from the U.S.  Included was the surprise recepton of WSJS,  Winston Salem NC on 600 kHz for the first time via the Sony SRF M37V and 220 metre BOG  ( The 5 kw signal made it through over a distance of 12 830 km).


Morning Show News Director Smith Patterson was quite surprised to receive my email reception report and sent the following reply a few hours ago :

" Confirmed most assuredly - Wow ! Really though thanks for sharing ! Everyone in the station, including the engineers are amazed. Glad to have corresponded with you. This made my day ! "

Smith also kindly promised to send something in the mail. The kind response sure made my day too ! 


For those interested,  I've uploaded a brief audio clip of the reception and a panoramic image of the dx location to www.capedx.blogspot.com 


The early years from a South African dxer's point of view at www.capedx.blogspot.com may also be also be of interest - inlcudes a few pics and some Trans Atlantic audio  from the 1970's.  

73's and wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 !

Gary Deacon

Fish Hoek

Cape Peninsula 

South Africa


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