Ensuring I Order NEW Version Of PL-380

Michael <cglynn321@...>

I see a number of people ordering the "New" version of the Tecsun PL-380 by apparently talking directly to someone at Anon-co to ensure they get the newer version. My question is how do you contact Anon-co directly when ordering to ensure you get the newer version? I would like to order one using EBAY Canada but cannot see where/how I can order one ensuring I will get the newest version. I have been sitting on the fence watching the new posts and was going to get the PL-310( since I am mostly interested in North American AM dxing) but I am now leaning towards the Pl-380, and since I can only afford one right now I would like to be sure I get the newer version.
This seems like a great hobby to while away time after my operation and this cold winter here in Niagara Falls Canada.
Thanks again for the help

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