Re: Logging Your First Ultralight TA or TP

Gary DeBock

Hi John,
     You are right about the many DX countries available in Latin America and the Caribbean, but since most Northwest DXers (including me) have received very few of these stations on Ultralights, it certainly didn't seem suitable for me to write about them.  Maybe an experienced eastern US (or Canada) area Ultralight DXer can give us a list for the "best bets" for reception of these countries.
     One of the quirks of AM propagation is that it's much easier for the NW gang to receive Thailand (7,200 miles) or Australia (8,200 miles) than it is to receive Venezuela or Colombia (both about 4,000 miles).  Maybe this mileage bonus is compensation for the fact that we can't receive multiple DX countries as easily as somebody in Newfoundland or Massachusetts  :>)
     73,  Gary 

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