Re: Logging Your First Ultralight TA or TP

Galassi <w.matilda@...>

Here in this part of Europe, when China is coming with good signals in the evening there is a good chance to have USA and
the few canadians available for the night.
If you get AIR Nagpur on 1566, better to sleep.
We had a quite good asiatic season the last autumn-winter.
Here is a link of an audio file I got with the 2010 and the K9, no chance to have that signal barefoot.

The radio was spot on tuned, but not so the YL singer :-) !
I choose that because it's funny.

Best 73s
Giampaolo Galassi, Italy

bbwrwy ha scritto:

An indicator I've used for possible trans-oceanic DX has been the powerful long wave stations in Europe and Siberia. If I can hear them with a strong signal there's a possibility the medium wave stations can be received. One consistent European station has always been Radio France on 162 kHz. However, it's often possible to hear the long wave stations when no medium wave signal here audible.

My biggest problem is I've been away from the hobby for over a decade and it's like learning everything all over again. I just wish the domestic AM band wasn't so crowded.

Good DX,
Richard Allen

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