Re: Latest DX - Friday 08 Jan 2010

Stephen Ponder <n5wbi@...>


Glad I could help! Like I said, I was totally surprised to
hear them under WHB. I wish their signal would have stayed
stronger above the static, but it started to fade out around
0416 UTC.

Congratulations on snagging 2 new ULR loggings!!

73 and God bless,

Steve N5WBI
Clear Lake City TX

Thanks Steve, because of your report, I just snagged 810
Freeport, Bahamas as well. At 0630 UTC it is running // with
1540 Nassau. Both were coming in good here in North Florida
with fades. I just got my Kchibo D96L last week so both new
ULR receptions for me.


Greg AD4RE
Lake City, FL

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