920 WBAA Purdue Univ. IN 8 Jan, 2058 EST 5k 1k NEW ulr
970 WGTK Lousiville KY 8 Jan, 2103 EST 5k talk NEW ulr
530 CIAO Bramton Ontario 9 Jan, 0906 EST ethnic music 1kw 250w
english announcer NEW (not ulr)

CIAO's programming is primarily South Asian (Hindi and Punjabi) with some Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Filipino, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Somali and Urdu programming in the evenings and on weekends.
Bramton is 20 mi west of Toronto, Ontario
station very weak at 250w daytime 188 mi from Detroit

byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi TS-450S litz loop 34" sq

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