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Chris Knight <chris@...>

Very nice reception, Steve!

It would be almost impossible here as I now have a local on 810 (KLVZ) which
used to be on 800. Their move freed up 800 enough to pull in CKLW last week
on a PL-380. Still, I'd rather have Bahamas for a new country.

73, Chris

Chris Knight (N0IJK)
Fort Lupton, Colorado

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Tuning across the band with my DT-400W, at 0405 UTC I noticed a heavily
British accented female voice on 810 kHz in a deep null of WHB Kansas City.

I sat on frequency and found out that it was ZNS-3 in Freeport, Bahamas,
with a call-in show. I could not catch the lady's name, but she was very
"bubbly" and pleasant to listen to. The program was religious in nature and
she took several phone calls, many of which were from listeners in the

At 0411 UTC, she invited a male pastor (again, I did not catch his name) to
offer his blessings on the program. He, had a deep Caribbean voice.

The program ended at 0416 UTC with an ID that was partially covered by
static - "ZNS3 810 AM Freeport, Bahamas."

First ULR reception of a Bahamas station!

73 and God Bless,

Steve N5WBI
Clear Lake City TX


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