Re: Logging Your First Ultralight TA or TP


Thank you Gary:

Thanks for the excellent advice. My reason for not asking the same
question about TP DX was because of the abundant information from
Grayland DX-peditions. Also, even though I live in Oklahoma, I've had
more experience with TP reception than TA. My first was JOUB-774 on a
Realistic TRF connected to an active ferrite rod antenna in March of
1980. JOUB and JOIB-747 were heard here many times in the 1980's and
90's on a Yaesu FRG7700. I think it's possible for someone to hear
JOUB here with a stock ultralights. I've also heard JOAK-594, JOAB-
693 and JOBB-828 in the past. A great help then, but no longer
available, were the NHK domestic short wave stations. For example,
JOAK-594 was parallel to 3607.5 USB.

I suggest DXers pay close attention to the A- and K-indices available
from WWV/WWVH and the Internet. The lower the number the better are
your chances of hearing something. Also, if you can receive northern
domestic stations not normally heard there's a possibility of trans-
oceanic DX. Here that usually means Canadian broadcasters.

An indicator I've used for possible trans-oceanic DX has been the
powerful long wave stations in Europe and Siberia. If I can hear them
with a strong signal there's a possibility the medium wave stations
can be received. One consistent European station has always been
Radio France on 162 kHz. However, it's often possible to hear the
long wave stations when no medium wave signal here audible.

My biggest problem is I've been away from the hobby for over a decade
and it's like learning everything all over again. I just wish the
domestic AM band wasn't so crowded.

Good DX,
Richard Allen

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