Re: Garmin GPS / PL-380 battery charging

Phil Pasteur

I had a followup and correction to my post on this subject as well.
I suggested that a charger for a Motorola V551 could be used. That is incorrect. It is actually the charger for the Motorola Razr V3. The numbers are SPN5202 (CH710). I noticed this morning that Amazon had them as low as 77 cents (?). I have tried three of these with my PL 310. They add negligible to no noise when plugged into the radio. I tested between stations at different frquencies on both AM and FM while plugging the charger in and disconnecting it. I really could hear no difference. From my experience, this charger would be a good option for anyone wanting to run the radio from wall power or charge it when away from a computer.

Phil P.

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A follow-up. Gil, NN4CW, suggested the Blackberry 8330 battery charger for the Tecsun PL-380. I ordered one but the vendor shipped the wrong model. They shipped the correct one right away and didn't ask for the wrong one back, and I got it yesterday. It does indeed plug in and charge the radio, but it generates a LOT of RFI (radio-frequency interference). The noise only shows up when the charger is plugged into the radio. Switching supplies don't get serious until you give them a load. Wrapping the charger-radio cord around and through various ferrites didn't help enough to be worthwhile on MW, SW and many FM stations, so use this gadget for charging and disconnect it for listening. The Garmin GPS USB cable, OTOH, only introduces a little noise on MW, but my desktop PC is pretty noisy to start with.

Jim, KR1S

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