Re: Tecsun PL-380 "Soft Mute" (or lack thereof)

Gary DeBock

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your comments, which sound logical to me.
Since Joyce is probably not an expert in Tecsun radio design, however, the best option seems to be specifically placing an order with Joyce for a "new design" PL-380, then checking the DSP filter options on this new version, and stripping it down (as Roy suggests) to check the labeling on the DSP chip. This "new version" PL-380 order will be placed tonight, with the EMS shipping option.
73 and Thanks, Gary   
In a message dated 1/5/2010 6:28:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, mikecoughlin2@... writes:


> I don't know if these are the official "new model" PL-380's (mentioned by Joyce of Anon-co), or not. Nothing seems different to me. <

Since Joyce is the one who mentioned this 'version 2', why not "go straight to the horse's mouth" and, simply, ask her what the difference is? ... rather than all these attempts to infer what the difference(s) is(are) ... via empirical observation?

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