ULR DX......One NEW Station @ SUNSET...Plus a UNID ESPN on 700 Khz....Need help!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

One New Station tonight @ SUNSET which is NEW to both the ULR and OVERALL LOGS!

Nice to hear a Detailed SIGNOFF on WTSB 1090....for a New One!!

Also had a UNID on 700 Khz with ESPN Prgramming. It appeared to be from an SouthEast or NorthWest Orientation from me????? I wonder if this may be the Athol, MASS. Station .......reverted back to ESPN Programming??? If not...I have NO IDEA who this is?? It was in the WLW NULL. A couple of ESPN's in Utah and Washington State......but it's not them!! Anyone know who else is ESPN on 700 Khz...Google has not helped me with this??

Radio Used............SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

ULR LOG TOTALS are .......787 Stations Heard

73..........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

1090 WTSB Selma, NORTH CAROLINA Jan/05/10 1627-1730 EST EE Fair-Good
First heard @ 1627 EST with Southern Gospel Music.CBS News @ 1630. Mentioned
Local News from the "WTSB Newsdesk". Local Ads. Back in @ 1724 with Promo
and 919 Area Code phone Number.Sign Off @ 1729 EST "WTSB Concludes it's
Broadcasting Activities. WTSB is owned and operated by Lamm Media Group.
WTSB operates on an assigned frequency of 1090 Khz with 9000 watts of power.
WTSB begins it's Broadcast day at 6 AM." Off air @ 1730 EST.

NEW STN NEW ULR # 787 9KW Days
700 UNID SE/NW from Me??? Jan.05/10 1615 EST EE FAIR
In WLW NULL. ESPN Sports Talk Programming @ 1615 EST Tune in. ESPN and ESPN

Need Help with this guys???? Anyone have an idea??

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