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Gary DeBock

Hello Byron,
Actually there have been several DXers who have replaced the tiny tuning thumbwheel on the SRF-59 (and the very similar analog SRF-39FP) with a large vernier drive tuning system. John Bryant did this with his "National SRF-39FP" modification, with the article posted at . John used a 5:1 reduction drive tuning capacitor from the National Radio Company.
This modification (as well as adding almost any other new components to an ultralight radio) would place the radio in the "Unlimited" category for award purposes, however.
73, Gary
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Hi all,

1660 WRRU NJ Jersey City, Korean 10k 10k beams south east NEW
1320 WJAS PA Pittsburg 5k 5k NEW
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 10k 1k beams south east NEW
1680 WTTM NJ spanish, heard many times, but no ID

NJ fadded out after 2300 EST.
Good opening from east to west, plus strong local stations not heard on 1660 and 1680 (not heard from west to east) but nothing heard from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, ME. ND, SD.
didnt notice any improvement in north/south conditions SC, FL
big drop in solar flux 73,2,0

anyone else pick up NJ last night ?

the new SRF-59 has a much lower noise floor than any of my other receivers, but its much harder to tune and to know what freq i'm on. so i have to use a spoting receiver. anyone notice, its made in China ! sure would like to put a big ol vernier drive on it. 36 to 1. wonder if that would still be considered unmodified? ever tried that Gary ?

Sony SRF-M40W, Sony SRF-59, barefoot
Byron nr Detroit MI

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